Whether you purchase a facility automation system or a large piece of advanced equipment from OMB and its partners, OMB can provide you with the digital, technical, and field services for a turn-key solution. OMB will design, engineer, construct, and commission that system for your facility.

OMB Engineering, as your trusted advisor, provides you with the knowledge surrounding digital transformation and advanced equipment capabilities not available by other engineering firms whose specialty is limited to the structural, mechanical, and wiring to make a chosen installation work together correctly. Our Engineers help you determine what makes sense to drive your successful migration towards a digital transformation and use of customer enhancing, cost reducing solutions. Customized solutions are designed to ensure that your facility automation is engineered for optimal performance and reliability. These advanced solutions when installed create the value you’ve been searching for, whether improved safety, improved business resiliency, improved efficiency, and/or improved sustainability.

OMB’s Construction Management approach drives effective management of the project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function to meet your specific requirements, using process automation where it makes sense, in order to streamline the time and cost of an installation. All of this data and information is structured into an historian asset log so you can audit the progress along the way or go back in the future and retrieve all the data and information about the project at your finger tips and for use in your operations.

Examples of our past expert services includes design and installation of microgrids, building management systems, standby gas and diesel generators, photovoltaics, boiler systems, and battery energy storage systems

Microgrid installation with virtual power plant

Enhancing resiliency through on-site generation and facility automation