Requires temperature control


Chocolate Factory

A 100,000 sqft Chocolate Factory located in New York required cool temperatures to ensure product quality.

A study was done to size a generator to address resiliency issues due to its location on the shoreline and to participate in available Demand Response programs.  Permanent and temporary peak load reductions were considered

  • Peak kW was calculated using survey data about machines and usage (521 kW) and comparing it to actual ( 470 kW )
  • Summer Peak minus HVAC was calculated at 194 kW indicating the load that could be reduced by halting operations but maintaining product temperature and therefore quality.
  • A 400kW generator was recommended in conjunction with limited line shutdowns as a compromise.
  • Currently monitoring devices are installed and are recording usage on the production equipment to determine an exact plan of action through automation and manual intervention to keep the load below 400kW and allow generator start up.
  • The monitoring devices will be used to control the equipment in an automated way upon conclusion of the follow on study.