OMB provides you with the expert services (consulting, construction, and operations) that you need to reap the full benefits of an Integrated Life-Cycle Management of your assets, data, and people.

Through OMB’s digital and field services you’ll be able to decide on and optimally incorporate facility automation and advanced equipment into your facility and business.

Our initial approach to creating value is to Evaluate your facility in how it uses or generates Energy as this is our primary approach to providing real value quickly while we build the supporting structured information you need to intelligently manage your facility assets. Through this Evaluation, OMB assesses opportunities for cost reductions and revenue improvements as it relates to energy and starts to prepare your facility for ongoing integrated life-cycle management.

The figure below provides OMB’s Rapid-Launch Process using energy as the initial focus and ongoing continuous improvement:

Energy Assessments

OMB typically starts with providing an energy assessment:

Facility Automation

Based on our findings from the OMB Rapid-Launch Process for energy, OMB recommends the best approach to infuse information management and automation into the organization’s facility given its existing energy supply/demand and energy assets state. We can similarly assess the security and health state of your facility, separately or preferably in coordination with the energy assessment.

Integrated Life-Cycle Management

As we provision your facility with the ONIT intelligent software platform and CALM’s microgrid systems, we enable your group to leverage your asset information in novel ways to drive everyday value that will provide your company with a competitive advantage over others in your industry and the ability to increase your profits. Taking an integrated life-cycle management approach to continuously enable value creation from your assets, data, and people is our approach.

Contact us today on how you can leverage our digital and field services abilities and intelligent systems.