OMB’s digital and field services help you decide on and physically incorporate facility automation and advanced equipment into your facility and business.

We provide digital and field services to facilities and cities to have a positive influence on the management of their information, and the inclusion of renewables and energy efficiency with minimal effort.

The software platform tools and advanced equipment we deploy and use with our services enables an integrated and intelligent approach to operating, maintaining, and investing in infrastructure.

Below are a few of the services we provide:

Integrated life-cycle management – OMB provides expertise in creating and implementing a financial and operational strategy for your assets, leveraging digital information systems and advanced commercially available equipment.

Digital and Field Services – OMB is driven to support you for the long term in efficiently operating your building on a continuous and automatic basis as your trusted advisor and worker, finding approaches to reducing your building costs and freeing up our team to focus on your core business.

Risk management – OMB provides risk adjusted actionable recommendations on how to become more sustainable and profitable at lower risk, and provides the financing for these upgrades.

Engineering and Design – OMB Engineering, as your trusted advisor, provides you with the knowledge surrounding digital transformation and advanced equipment capabilities not available by other engineering firms.

Facility Automation – OMB’s digital services provides the digital know-how to engineer, design, install, commission, and operate facility required computer systems, network & computer devices, and software systems that provide communication and automation to your facility. 

Construction Management – OMB’s Construction Management approach drives effective management of the project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function to meet your specific requirements, using business process automation where it makes sense, in order to streamline the time and cost of an installation.

Facility Management – Our approach of driving your facility to high levels of value creation through asset investment and asset management using our best practices of asset financing, engineering, and operations will enable you to be more profitable, whether your a real estate portfolio company, a specialty solution provider, or a manufacturing plant.