Nursing Home Elevator Savings Study

A family owned 64,000 sqft nursing and rehabilitation facility with 200 beds located in Brooklyn NY was in need of an elevator upgrade.

The existing elevators were controlled by AC to DC motor generator sets and were assessed to be in need of refurbishment given sporadic outages in service resulting in high maintenance costs.   

The energy savings to be achieved by replacing the existing units with high efficiency motors and advanced controls was analyzed.

  • The savings of 36,650 kWh @ .21/kWh was equated to $7,696.50 per year
  • An estimated rebate of  $5,864.05 would be available from the utility, which we submitted to the utility on behalf of the customer
  • kWh reduction calculations based on the equipment changeout and a strategy of shutting down one elevator were also used in a peak demand reduction strategy for the client.

Return on investment was not a primary driver for this customer, however we were able to show that savings resulting from the high energy efficiency motor installation with new controls would significantly offset the existing costs of operation and maintenance and substantially reduce the costs of the required upgrades.