Everything revolves around risk management when it comes to investment decisions and decisions with on going operations. What to do and not do; what to do first, second, and third to mitigate risk, or take on risk that you can manage that brings in risk adjusted higher margins.  You’re good at your business’s risk taking, but the facility infrastructure and automation has risks that can be better managed with OMB as your trusted advisor.

Timely regulatory compliance is key to preventing code penalties from the various government agencies.  Timely submittals are absolutely important, but just as important is to make sure you are meeting the code requirements in your facility that make a safer more comfortable environment for your customers.  At OMB, we work with you on these compliance actions to drive down costs of compliance and to keep your people safe and comfortable.

Leveraging OMB’s financing and risk management capabilities, you can make profitable investments in your facility operations that make financial sense to your business while driving towards sustainability at lower operational risk.

Our approach is simple:

  • OMB initially advises you through the OMB Rapid-Launch Process for your specific facility and need, providing actionable recommendations on how to become more sustainable and profitable at lower risk.  These assessments may include energy assessments like ASHRAE level II and level III studies that open the door to low cost financing and incentives for higher levels of resiliency and sustainability at lower energy costs.
  • OMB provides you with financing for these upgrades as a simple monthly fee.
  • OMB engineers and designs the installation.
  • OMB installs the improvements and/or provides construction management expertise to provide you with the turn-key solution.

OMB can enter into long term service agreements to support your on going operations and maintenance of these new products and facility automation products, further reducing your risks surrounding operational issues.