Resilience means minimizing financial losses from disruptions caused by deliberate attacks, accidents, and naturally occurring threats like storms. Your business’s ability to withstand and recover from these disruptions has everything to do with pre-planning and pre-investment in time, training, systems, and equipment in order to be prepared for these events.

Achieving resilience is not simply a matter of adding redundant capacity: it requires a thoughtful, comprehensive approach that reflects the strengths and weaknesses of your infrastructure and business operations, and the opportunities and threats facing you.

Not surprisingly, operational excellence in running your building and resiliency often go hand-in-hand. Having systems and processes in place to both predict threats, and act on them in a timely fashion, to in order to secure your business and investments is one major component of preparedness. Having invested in properly designed equipment to mitigate potential business interruptions is also of paramount importance to improving resilience. Investments in energy costs savings can many times be leveraged to also finance resilience-related improvements that would not otherwise be cost effective on its own merit.

Operate My Building is an expert in applying intelligent building automation systems and on-site energy generation to make your building more resilient and your business better able to operate during intermittent or prolonged disruptions in your energy supply. Our financial and risk management approach to investments enables you to reduce the cost of operating your buildings on a daily basis, while being vigilantly prepared to mitigate future disruptions in operations.