Lighting, HVAC, generators, process equipment, and other energy-consuming or energy-producing devices and systems interact with each other in complex ways. Treating these areas as entirely separate — hiring separate contractors and managing energy retrofits as separate projects — can miss significant opportunities and create operational problems.

We treat your building and your business operations as a whole, rather than as a collection of parts needing individual point solutions.

From benchmarking to site audit to energy assessment to design to installation to building operation, our trust advisor approach takes into account all building systems, all utility, energy market, and financing opportunities, and creates reliable and efficient solutions that are profitable to you from day one. Our intelligence embedded solutions make you money by reducing your operations costs and monetizing your equipment through novel electric utility and market participation.

Our solution deployments leverage:

  • Utility rebates and state incentives
  • Our network of financial partners, like Energize NY PACE financing
  • Tax credits

Many of our intelligent efficiency based solutions optimize around:

  • Utility rates and peak demand
  • Weather dependent electric load demand and supply
  • Occupancy changes
  • Seasonal or daily usage changes
  • Operational and maintenance savings
  • Resiliency, comfort, and other operational goals

Our Integrated Whole Building Approach reduces the need for multiple approvals and allows for simplified financing approval process.

We’re in the business of providing you cash positive solutions that are customized to your specific building’s and customer’s needs.