Digital transformations coupled with advanced equipment deployments have shown to reduce operational costs in half, while doubling the output capability of that service and/or manufacturing. In order to obtain the benefits from digital transformation, facility automation today requires more expertise than just traditional facility control systems like Building Management Systems (BMS) and machinery PLCs.

Expertise is required in Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring and control, artificial intelligence such as applied machine learning algorithms to IoT, and Robot Process Automation (RBA) for the automated orchestration of task actions by people and information systems surrounding the facility assets and operations.

The ability to obtain, if not retain, this level of expertise in-house is typically not available to even the most advanced companies. Lightning speed advancements that come with information based systems further makes changes difficult if your in-house experts are not continuously honing their skills on what is available, in terms on advanced commercially available equipment and information systems.

OMB’s digital services revolves around a proven set of values surrounding being your trusted advisor for digital know-how that spans any computer system, any computer device, any software system.

The result:

  • Fewer downtime incidents
  • Better maintenance management
  • Consistent product and service quality
  • Lower costs

OMB and its partners will be able to help you in achieving higher levels of returns on your assets through our advancing process of facility automation designed to optimally manage your assets regardless of who makes them, and to streamline services so you can back to your business’s core capabilities in making profits.