Operate My Building helps businesses participate in utility sponsored Demand Response programs.   These programs pay you to use less energy when the electric utility grid is stressed.  The team at Operate My Building can help you identify where you can curtail energy usage and still meet your needs in order to participate in these programs, which might include facility automation depending on your needs. We then work with you to  develop a customized action plan that can be implemented to curtail some load or increase onsite generation when called upon.

  • Demand Response programs offer recurring revenue just for participating
  • Calls to reduce consumption occur only a few times per year.
  • The amount of money paid to you for reducing demand can be substantial

Operate My Building can help you get started,

  • There is little to no upfront costs associated with participating
  • Demand Response can be automated
  • There is no need for changing out equipment
  • There is no need to change energy commodity vendors

Systems and analysis that support Demand Response can also be used to support Peak Load reduction strategies utilizing resources you may already have for resiliency such as:

  • Generators
  • Distributed Energy Resources, Batteries, solar etc.
  • Building Management Systems

Contact us today to start making some revenue from these utility programs!